Patients with COPD Should Take Food that Reduces Mucus Production

U.S. FDA Issues Warning to Stem Cell Clinics The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warning to U.S. Stem Cell clinics and biotech companies. FDA wants to make sure deceitful players do not take advantage of desperate patients by claiming they have cure for diseases without any proof that they

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It is a fact that stem cell research attained initial milestones in United States but could not grow as fast as expected; other countries which were behind in this field took a leap to get top positions. When we read the story of stem cell research, we find America a pioneer in

Treatment modalities have been continuously changing especially for last three decades or so due to new and novel approaches being introduced by the research. Stem cell therapy is one such break through advancement in medical science that has revolutionized treatment strategy to cure many diseases. The old concept “some body cells if