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Patients with COPD Should Take Food that Reduces Mucus Production

It is a fact that stem cell research attained initial milestones in United States but could not grow as fast as expected; other countries which were behind in this field took a leap to get top positions. When we read the story of stem cell research, we find America a pioneer in

Spinal injuries are not uncommon in this era of machines and motor vehicles; every year 10,000 to 12,000 Americans acquire spinal cord injuries mostly as a result of road accidents and violence by gun or knife. The bad thing about spinal injuries is that the neuronal damage, if present, is permanent. Despite of optimal neuro-surgical treatments, the

Parkinsonism, known as Parkinson’s Disease, is a disorder of elderly population commonly occurring after the age of 60 years but it can present at younger age and also can run in families. According to an estimate, seven to ten million people are suffering from Parkinsonism world wide and among them one million

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a debilitating disease of central nervous system (brain and spinal cord); responsible for significant morbidity and mortality world wide. Research shows that multiple sclerosis reduces life expectancy by 10-15 years and at least two third deaths among the sufferers are attributed directly to the disease. According to an estimate in United States alone